With 3 adults & a kitty you can't expect the house to be spotless for long (usually within minutes after cleaning each room is back in use) so I like to keep my routine as efficient as possible.  I have asthma, chronic allergic rhinitis & various non-life-threatening but nevertheless-irritating allergies so I like to keep aerosols, strong smelling chemicals & fabric conditioners to a minimum.  I'm also keen on reducing waste & packaging because I'm an environment lover & animal lover and also just because I get bored of taking the recyling out to the blue-lid bin multiple times per day.  Norwex helps a lot with all of this.  My Mum is a clean freak so she's really into Norwex stuff; her eyes pop out on stalks looking for freebies whenever my orders arrive.  Dad is happy because he doesn't have to pay for disposable wipes or cleaning products.  Dixie is happy because he thinks my Envirocloths are prey & likes to savage them with his claws so they get snags; I'm not ecstatic about Dixie snagging my Envirocloths but I'm sure they're better for him than AntiBac wipes.

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I've explained a bit about some of my favourite products...

I use the laundry powder a lot.  I use just under half a scoop for each wash so the pack lasts for ages and my laundry always comes out perfectly clean.  I love that there is no smell because I dry my laundry in my lair and regular washing powders make my lair smell and can irritate my asthma.  There's no need to use fabric conditioner either which is ideal for me because if my bedding or items I'm ironing smell that can irritate my asthma as well.  I also use laundry powder for washing my trainers.  I try to avoid washing my trainers unless absolutely necessary but if the unthinkable does happen, I soak them in a basin of warm water & laundry powder so the enzymes dissolve any dirt, then rinse them off under the shower a couple of times, then let them dry off in the basin under my heated towel rail; this works really well and the trainers remain just as comfortable as ever after being washed because it's more gentle than putting them through the washing-machine and tumble-dryer.  I have washed Nike Blazers, AirMax90 and VaporMax using this method and it has completely revived the trainers.

Envirocloth is an all purpose cloth.  There's no need to use any products.  I use water and envirocloth to keep my lair and bathroom clean & fresh.  If the cloths aren't too dirty after use they can be rinsed off and dried and re-used because they have silver running though the microfibre which makes them self cleaning.  If the cloths get dirty they can go through the washing machine.  The cloths are guaranteed for two years; I've had mine ages and they're still in great condition except for a few snags where Dixie has savaged them.  The cloths pick up all the dust in my lair and don't leave any residue so I find the dust doesn't build back up again as quickly as it used to.

Window cloth is a misnomer for me; I call this the polishing cloth.  Again, there's no need to use any products. I use an envirocloth and water to clean the area I want to polish first and then polish over with the so-called Window cloth.  These cloths are literally incredible, they make any surface super shiny with minimal effort and no products.  I use Windowcloth for polishing my mirrors, fish tank, turntables and shower screen.  Some of my friends love Windowcloth as a glasses cloth and I tried it for myself and am inclined to agree, especially because my reading glasses get particularly dirty.

We call the Kitchen Cloth the Crumb Catcher Cloth.  It has a special weave on one side which picks up stray crumbs perfectly.  There's no need to use any products, I just use water and whizz over the kitchen with the crumb catcher and it leaves the table, worktops and hobs spotless and shiny.

For me Body cloth is another misnomer; I use these as Face cloths.  I prefer the thinness and lightness of the Norwex body cloth to regular flannels.  I never use any products to wash my face, only water, because regular cleansers and wipes (even worse) sting my skin and make it feel tight.  If it's a cold morning I use warm water and if I'm warm I use cold water; both seem to work well.

I apply Norwex day cream once per day, every morning after my shower and after wiping my face with the body / face cloth above.  I have naturally good skin, but without any cream my skin does feel dry and looks dry if you look closely enough.  It's rare that a day goes by when people don't compliment my skin.  At first it took me a while to get used to the smell of the day cream but now I have grown to like the smell and I love how it keeps my skin so soft and stops it drying out.

I love make-up but I only wear make-up on special occasions.  I'm not a good sleeper so it's difficult for me to be up in time in the mornings and have time to apply make-up as well as get ready to go out.  When I do wear make-up I have previously had terrible trouble getting it off because my skin is so sensitive.  All make-up-remover and eye-make-up-remover products I have ever tried sting my skin and eyes.  The Norwex make-up-remover cloths remove all the make up without any stinging at all because there is no product, only water.  During the Christmas Holidays I went to a wedding and wore mascara and was able to remove the mascara fully using the make-up-remover-cloth whereas using traditional eye-make-up-remover products I have only ever been able to partially remove mascara.  I would recommend to soak the cloths in laundry powder prior to washing in the machine, or wash them twice, because they do have to absorb a lot of make-up but the absence of stinging makes these infinitely superior to any other make-up-removal method I have ever tried.

Instead of the body cloths I use the body mitt.  The body mitt looks so underwhelming, grey microfibre on one side and a kind of strange coating on the other side.  However, what the body mitt lacks in visual appeal it more than makes up for in sensory appeal.  Try using some shower gel, it can be any shower gel on the strange-coating-covered side and use it to massage your back as far as you can reach and you will feel what I mean.  The body mitt gently scratches the skin in a way that nothing else can; I'm quite flexible so I usually switch hands so I can reach all of my back and it feels so good!

I like to have all my drinks through a straw.  These straws are great for every day and for travelling becasue they have their own carry bag and cleaning brush.

Silicon Lids save on cling wrap and foil; I don't use any cling wrap at all and only use foil occasionally for cooking.  The small lids are perfect for covering drinks or smaller items like butter or sauces.

I use the large silicon lids for covering food on plates or in bowls.  The lids are also microwave safe so food can be covered for storage then go straight in the microwave without needing to change the cover.

Produce bags are antibacterial and washable.  We use these for their intended purpose and Mum & I use them as packing bags for travelling as well.

Fragrance Discs are like an asthma safe air freshner.  I splash the Norwex relaxing oil onto the disc in my bathroom and I have an oil from the pharmacy which I use for the downstairs bathroom.  The discs smell fresh and lovely but not too strong.

I only tumble dry my bedding, I dry everything else naturally.  I use the tumble dryer balls because they help keep the bedding moving inside the dryer which speeds up the drying process and saves a bit of electricity.

Rescue Gel is amazing.  I have had some horrific headaches recently and Rescue Gel has really helped ease the pain. I roll it onto my forehead and it feels cold and tingly and really helps relieve the pain.  If the headache is particularly bad I keep reapplying the rescue gel until the headache passes.

I use Sportzyme on my kickboxing kit.  I spritz it inside my boxing gloves, focus mitts, shinguards and kickboots after using them and leave them out to air dry and they never smell.  This is impressive given that most kickboxing kit smells pretty horrendous.  I don't use Sportzyme on my headguard, it's not an absorbant material so there's no need, I just wipe it with an envirocloth instead.